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AR/VR Research in the COVID-19 Lockdown

Like many aca­dem­ics, we have now been away from our main labor­at­or­ies for three months now. How­ever, our work has taken on new dimen­sions that respond the crisis. There have also been research com­munity responses to the situ­ation, from early exper­i­ments in run­ning con­fer­ences com­pletely online (see post about IEEE VR 2020) to dis­cus­sions about […]

UCL at IEEE VR 2020

UCL was involved in sev­er­al papers and talks at IEEE VR2020. Anthony was one of the Journ­al Pro­gramme Chairs and one of the coordin­at­ors of the Vir­tu­al Con­fer­en­cing Work­shop (VR in VR). That work­shop became very import­ant as the whole con­fer­ence moved online. Oth­er con­tri­bu­tions: Anthony talked on a pan­el at the VR in VR […]

UCL at IEEE VR 2017

We have lots of con­tent at IEEE Vir­tu­al Real­ity 2017: Drew is present­ing: Cine­mat­ic Vir­tu­al Real­ity: Eval­u­at­ing the Effect of Dis­play Type on the View­ing Exper­i­ence for Pan­or­amic Video, Andrew MacQuar­rie and Anthony Steed The fol­low­ing papers have UCL co-authors Effi­cient Hybrid Image Warp­ing for High Frame-Rate Ste­reo­scop­ic Ren­der­ing, Andre Scholl­mey­er, Simon Schnee­gans, Stephan Beck, […]

VR on Brit Lab

The VR lab was fea­tured on Brit Lab. They fea­tured the CAVE, one of our sum­mer stu­dent pro­jects on low-latency tele­p­res­ence and a robot­ic manip­u­lat­or.

David at Digital Catapult

  Dav­id Swapp gave a talk at the Digit­al Cata­pult event Immersed in the UK. Fas­cin­at­ing speech from Dav­id Swapp from @UCL 15 years old Immers­ive #AR #VR Lab w/ 4-wall caves & more! #Digi­Col­Lab https://t.co/HH2C8xalm4 pic.twitter.com/3uDD3abU3t — Thomas Gere (@Tom_Gere) Septem­ber 20, 2016

Tactile Surgeon Simulator

One of our sum­mer interns, James Edge, has pro­duced a ver­sion of Bossa Studio’s Sur­geon Sim­u­lat­or that has force feed­back. We used a pair of Hap­tion Vir­tu­ose 6D force feed­back arms, and com­bined these with the exist­ing Ali­en Autopsy level for the HTC Vive. You get force feed­back from the tools as you attempt your […]

VR Club September 2016

We had a busy demo ses­sion at this month’s VR Club. First of all, we had a HoloLens to show, cour­tesy of Dean Mohamedally and his mum! Second, and more import­antly, or at least more fun, we were show­ing off for the first time our port of Sur­geon Sim­u­lat­or on the CAVE, see this blog […]

Voices of VR

Anthony was recently on the Voices of VR Pod­cast, in an epis­ode #416: Research on VR Pres­ence & Plaus­ib­il­ity with Anthony Steed. Pre­vi­ous epis­odes of the same pod­cast fea­tur­ing mem­bers of the lab have included: #183: Mel Slater on VR Pres­ence, Vir­tu­al Body Own­er­ship, & the Time Travel Illu­sion and #128: Anthony Steed on VR Research at […]

Panoramic Video

We have recently demon­strated a new Pan­or­amic Video play­er on our CAVE sys­tem. Built as a fork of Omar Mohamed Ali’s (@omnigamedev) omi­play­er (ori­gin­al course cur­rently closed, our fork on Bit­buck­et here). Works sur­pris­ingly well and is lots of fun. Cer­tainly can see more action in the video because of the wider field of view, but […]