MSc Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging

MSc Com­puter Graph­ics, Vis­ion & Ima­ging (CGVI) is a one year full-time advanced Mas­ters course provid­ing train­ing in com­puter graph­ics, vir­tu­al real­ity, machine vis­ion and ima­ging technology.

Some mod­ules such as the COMPGV07 — Vir­tu­al Envir­on­ments require use of our the Immers­ive Dis­plays Lab. You should liaise with your course coordin­at­or to gain access. The pur­pose of this course is to intro­duce stu­dents to the main con­cepts and prac­tic­al issues in con­struct­ing and under­stand­ing Vir­tu­al Envir­on­ments, and how people respond to a VE exper­i­ence. Giv­en the back­ground of the course teach­ers, the focus on the tech­nic­al side will be more on the visu­al aspects of VEs. A cent­ral theme of the course will also be that the under­stand­ing of VEs can be best under­stood through the con­cepts of pres­ence and shared presence.

Individual Projects

Some BSc/MSc indi­vidu­al pro­jects might bene­fit from the use our facil­it­ies. Please dis­cuss any such a require­ment dir­ectly with your supervisor.