MSc Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging

MSc Computer Graphics, Vision & Imaging (CGVI) is a one year full-time advanced Masters course providing training in computer graphics, virtual reality, machine vision and imaging technology.

Some modules such as the COMPGV07 – Virtual Environments require use of our the Immersive Displays Lab. You should liaise with your course coordinator to gain access. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the main concepts and practical issues in constructing and understanding Virtual Environments, and how people respond to a VE experience. Given the background of the course teachers, the focus on the technical side will be more on the visual aspects of VEs. A central theme of the course will also be that the understanding of VEs can be best understood through the concepts of presence and shared presence.

Individual Projects

Some BSc/MSc individual projects might benefit from the use our facilities. Please discuss any such a requirement directly with your supervisor.