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Fris­ton, Sebas­t­ian; Doboš, Jozef; Wong, Charence; Fan, Car­men; Mon­tero, San­ti­a­go; Steed, Anthony

Rec­tan­gu­lar Selec­tion of Com­po­nents in Large 3D Mod­els on the Web Inpro­ceed­ings

In: pp. 1–9, 2019, ISBN: 978–1‑4503–6798‑1.

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Doboš, Jozef; Fan, Car­men; Fris­ton, Sebas­t­ian; Wong, Charence

Screen space 3D diff: a fast and reli­able method for real-time 3D dif­fer­enc­ing on the web Inpro­ceed­ings

In: pp. 1–9, 2018.

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