Overall Aim

The over­all aim of this work was to build a ste­reo cam­era rig to sup­port immers­ive video see-trough aug­men­ted real­ity (AR) for the Oculus Rift. An immers­ive exper­i­ence implies that the video frame cap­tured by the cam­er­as must match both the extents and dis­tri­bu­tion of the Rift’s field of view (FOV) so that vir­tu­al and video spaces are per­cep­tu­ally aligned, and that this full frame should be aug­ment­able. The vis­ion of the pro­ject is to sup­port an immers­ive AR exper­i­ence where the lines between what is real and what is vir­tu­al are blurred.

The art­icles are split as fol­lows: