UCL at IEEE VR 2017

We have lots of content at IEEE Virtual Reality 2017:

  • Drew is presenting: Cinematic Virtual Reality: Evaluating the Effect of Display Type on the Viewing Experience for Panoramic Video, Andrew MacQuarrie and Anthony Steed
  • The following papers have UCL co-authors
    • Efficient Hybrid Image Warping for High Frame-Rate Stereoscopic Rendering, Andre Schollmeyer, Simon Schneegans, Stephan Beck, Anthony Steed, and Bernd Froehlich
    • A Psychophysical Experiment Regarding Components of the Plausibility Illusion, Richard Skarbez, Solène Neyret, Frederick P. Brooks Jr., Mel Slater, and Mary C. Whitton
    • The Plausibility of a String Quartet Performance in Virtual Reality, Ilias Bergstrom, Antonio Sergio Azevedo, Panos Papiotis, Nuno Saldanha, and Mel Slater
  • We have two posters:
    • The AR-Rift 2 Prototype, Anthony Steed, Yonathan Widya Adipradana, and Sebastian Friston
    • Object Location Memory Error in Virtual and Real Environments, Mengxin Xu, María Murcia-López, and Anthony Steed
  • We are helping with three panels:
    • Virtual Social Interaction (Anthony Steed & Antonia Hamilton)
    • Instantaneous Beaming to Distance Places – A Possible and Desirable Future? (Anthony Steed & Mel Slater)
    • Big metal VR in the HMD and Unity era (a last minute panel at the SEARIS Workshop) (Anthony Steed)
    • Virtual Reality and Neuroscience (Mel Slater)