UCL at IEEE VR 2017

We have lots of con­tent at IEEE Vir­tu­al Real­i­ty 2017:

  • Drew is pre­sent­ing: Cin­e­mat­ic Vir­tu­al Real­i­ty: Eval­u­at­ing the Effect of Dis­play Type on the View­ing Expe­ri­ence for Panoram­ic Video, Andrew Mac­Quar­rie and Antho­ny Steed
  • The fol­low­ing papers have UCL co-authors 
    • Effi­cient Hybrid Image Warp­ing for High Frame-Rate Stereo­scop­ic Ren­der­ing, Andre Schollmey­er, Simon Schnee­gans, Stephan Beck, Antho­ny Steed, and Bernd Froehlich
    • A Psy­chophys­i­cal Exper­i­ment Regard­ing Com­po­nents of the Plau­si­bil­i­ty Illu­sion, Richard Skar­bez, Solène Neyret, Fred­er­ick P. Brooks Jr., Mel Slater, and Mary C. Whitton
    • The Plau­si­bil­i­ty of a String Quar­tet Per­for­mance in Vir­tu­al Real­i­ty, Ilias Bergstrom, Anto­nio Ser­gio Azeve­do, Panos Papi­o­tis, Nuno Sal­dan­ha, and Mel Slater
  • We have two posters: 
    • The AR-Rift 2 Pro­to­type, Antho­ny Steed, Yonathan Widya Adipradana, and Sebas­t­ian Friston
    • Object Loca­tion Mem­o­ry Error in Vir­tu­al and Real Envi­ron­ments, Mengx­in Xu, María Mur­cia-López, and Antho­ny Steed
  • We are help­ing with three panels: 
    • Vir­tu­al Social Inter­ac­tion (Antho­ny Steed & Anto­nia Hamilton)
    • Instan­ta­neous Beam­ing to Dis­tance Places – A Pos­si­ble and Desir­able Future? (Antho­ny Steed & Mel Slater)
    • Big met­al VR in the HMD and Uni­ty era (a last minute pan­el at the SEARIS Work­shop) (Antho­ny Steed)
    • Vir­tu­al Real­i­ty and Neu­ro­science (Mel Slater)