AR/VR Research in the COVID-19 Lockdown

Like many aca­dem­ics, we have now been away from our main labor­at­or­ies for three months now. How­ever, our work has taken on new dimen­sions that respond the crisis. There have also been research com­munity responses to the situ­ation, from early exper­i­ments in run­ning con­fer­ences com­pletely online (see post about IEEE VR 2020) to dis­cus­sions about how to improve gen­er­al exper­i­ence for remote workers.

One of our con­tri­bu­tions has been help­ing to lead an effort to share best prac­tice around run­ning exper­i­ments remotely as well as fos­ter­ing a com­munity of poten­tial col­lab­or­at­ors to run each oth­ers’ exper­i­ments to get some ini­tial feed­back on work. There is a Slack com­munity that is shar­ing exper­i­ence, and some of us wrote up some of the dis­cus­sion in an art­icle for Inter­ac­tions Magazine

We also con­trib­uted to a pan­el dis­cus­sion in the Fron­ti­ers in VR sem­in­ar series “XR for bring­ing people togeth­er in times of lock­down and post-COVID”

Finally Anthony was a con­trib­ut­or to the ACM’s Vir­tu­al Con­fer­ences, A Guide to Best Prac­tices A com­munity resource from the ACM Pres­id­en­tial Task Force on What Con­fer­ences Can Do to Replace Face-to-Face Meetings