Information for Experiment Runners

Thank you for your interest in supporting this research project. Because we are collecting data, it is important that each individual understand what informed consent is. Thus, although you may feel that you can explain the issues more quickly to the participants, we would ask that you make sure that participants do read the in-application notices, and can access the Study Information Page and Informed Consent Page.

Please do not bypass the consent stage in the application, or pre-configure responses to any questions. It is important that participants do this themselves.

If you are running several people through the experiment please be aware of various good practice points:

  • Make sure that participants know that they can stop at any point.
  • If the participant is obviously uncomfortable ask them if they want to stop.
  • Keep the headset clean.
  • If you are using a heart-rate monitor, please follow the instructions carefully. Many devices need the chest strap to be moist. Make sure that the straps are cleaned and dried between uses. Consider purchasing multiple straps.
  • While we would welcome you to de-brief participants and explain to them what you think about the study, it is important that participants not have a pre-conception about what to expect. For example, don’t let likely participants watch other people do the same experience.