Information for Experiment Runners

Thank you for your interest in sup­port­ing this research pro­ject. Because we are col­lect­ing data, it is import­ant that each indi­vidu­al under­stand what informed con­sent is. Thus, although you may feel that you can explain the issues more quickly to the par­ti­cipants, we would ask that you make sure that par­ti­cipants do read the in-applic­a­tion notices, and can access the Study Inform­a­tion Page and Informed Con­sent Page.

Please do not bypass the con­sent stage in the applic­a­tion, or pre-con­fig­ure responses to any ques­tions. It is import­ant that par­ti­cipants do this themselves.

If you are run­ning sev­er­al people through the exper­i­ment please be aware of vari­ous good prac­tice points:

  • Make sure that par­ti­cipants know that they can stop at any point.
  • If the par­ti­cipant is obvi­ously uncom­fort­able ask them if they want to stop.
  • Keep the head­set clean.
  • If you are using a heart-rate mon­it­or, please fol­low the instruc­tions care­fully. Many devices need the chest strap to be moist. Make sure that the straps are cleaned and dried between uses. Con­sider pur­chas­ing mul­tiple straps.
  • While we would wel­come you to de-brief par­ti­cipants and explain to them what you think about the study, it is import­ant that par­ti­cipants not have a pre-con­cep­tion about what to expect. For example, don’t let likely par­ti­cipants watch oth­er people do the same experience.