Good virtual reality creates a sense of presence – the feeling of really being in the virtual world. But what causes presence to happen? We know that certain features of a virtual environment help generate presence, but other features can hamper or break it entirely.

This application is an application that members of the public can take part in. Soon available for Google Cardboard for iOS and Android. An early version was a submission to the VRJam 2015 for GearVR.

We have designed this immersive experience to be compelling and engaging – but we also hope to gather data from it; we want to make a very large scale presence experiment. We will make public our findings on what worked well in this experience.

I Want to Take Part

If you want to test Presence Experiment:

Note that you don’t have to agree to data collection if you don’t want, you can just run the demonstration.

If you are going to set up your device to show other people the demonstration please read Information for Experiment Runners.

If after taking part in the experiment, you decide you would like your data deleted, please see Data Deletion.

Tell Me More About The Study

If you have have tried the Presence Experiment already, or want to learn more about the purpose of the experiment please see

Please do not read these pages if you intend to take part in the study at a future point.